How To Play Better Golf & Lower Your Handicap Regardless Of Your Age Or Experience & Without Having To Hit 100's of Range Balls... 

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***Two BRAND NEW Series Added - The Corporate Golfer & How To Practice***

Are you a business person, stuck in the office or find yourself travelling with minimal to no real practice time? Then this is the series for you. Make your range time count. A very constructive structure from getting your head in the right focus to stretching correctly, setting realistic goals and managing that bucket of balls wisely. Click here to get started

See What Others Are Saying About Me...

“I love the pause and think moments Murdoch has you do, it helps you realise it's natural and you digest it faster.  He really does have the ability to make things uncomplicated”

Brian Clark

“The marking system when practicing is pure genius and so simple.  How has no one done that before or explained it like Murdoch does”

Kent Thompson

“How can this perspective never have been done before? Makes so much sense and leaves you very excited!”

Marie Lewis

“Hands down the best golf lesson I’ve ever had. Consistently playing my best golf having not changed my schedule at all.  Only changed my perspective.  A brilliant series.”

Sandra Brown

What You'll Learn From This Online Golf Program

A series of easy to follow "feel" based modules, to help you understand and accept, the discomforts of good golf swing positions, that I interpret as MUSCLE MEMORY. The initial drills you will perform at home, or the office without the distraction of the golf club and ball hitting. You greatly simplify the whole golf swing concept , as you focus more on the importance of impact dynamics and the commitment to the strike.

The Concept Explained

Step 1

Without the golf club and the ball distraction, I will train your body to become receptive to the dynamic positions of a repeating golf swing.  With impact parameters being the focus, the swing will become a simple “turn and a turn” with a commitment to the STRIKE!

Feel The Stretch

Step 2

The discomfort is “muscle memory”.  Simple everyday drills will help maintain your golfing muscles and the angles required for dynamic ball striking.  I will give you the mindset on how to develop this into your repeating BLUEPRINT swing.

Taking It To The Course

Step 3

You will have developed a feel swing and an understanding of the “Marking Concept” to emotionless golf.  “Recalibrating” yourself using ball striking and the blueprint to target your shots and never lose the feelings of playing great golf for longer.

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Learn How To Compress A Powerful Strike

I teach around the dynamics of a quality impact position, because this is all that matters on the technical front to me.  If your Impact is consistently true then the rest is not a concern and becomes fluff. 

 I have helped many professional players, beginners and business people simplify their golf swings and achieve a more dynamic and consistent impact.  Compressing the ball purer than ever before. 

 This solid ball striking will lead to a new level of excitement and ultimately to playing your best golf on a more consistent basis.  

You will change very little in order to achieve this too, just a different mindset and finally a series of feelings that make sense as a “turn and a turn” type motion, and everything will “click”.

So,  if you are a busy business person, avid weekend golfer, a golfer lost and frustrated, or a beginner new to the game or even an aspiring golf professional, then welcome home.  I’ve helped you all succeed.

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Module 1 - Understanding Impact

Putting the focus on to the impact dynamics.  A simple understanding of what makes a solid, repeating impact position and how we get our body there.  The start of simplifying the thought process.

Module 2 - Setting Up Correctly

We know where our body needs to be at impact, let's keep that in mind as we learn the key points and “magic moves” to address the ball where WE MEAN BUSINESS!

Module 3 - The Turn Drill

The swing is a “Shape” a turn and a turn. The first one of the key swing building drills.  Let’s start to develop the true feelings of what “muscle memory” is, as we train our body to accept the primary body turning moves.

Module 4 - The Plumb Bob Drill

The Drill to train you with the feelings of “staying down through the shot”.  A major stretching drill to help maintain flexibly through the all important hitting area.

Module 5 - The Parallel Arm Drill

The continuation of the turning feeling, as we introduce “softness” and the role the arms play in the swing.

Module 6 - The 9 Iron Drill

The Strike and Timing drill.  To get your body turn and arms sync together, there is no better practical drill.  Learn the routine and key points.

Module 7 - The Big Chip Drill

If you’re struggling with the weight transfer move, this drill has been designed to help the downward strike.  All the while maintaining good body angles through the important hitting area.

Module 8 - The Impact Bag

My favourite practical drill for training at speed the syncing of the key muscle memory moves through winding up and rotation through the impact.  A key drill for obtaining the “SHAPE” of your swing.

Module 9 - The TRS Rotation Drill

Carrying on the feeling from the impact bag, a practical ball hitting drill.  Links perfectly with the impact bag drill.

Module 10 - Stationary Impact

An office or at home exercise to experience the power of a compressed impact and how it feels on the body.  The “boxers punch” drill.

Module 11 - Scraping The Ball Drill

IA variation of the Plum Bob Drill, giving you the understanding of the role the should plane through impact as it pertains to path and ball direction.

Module 12 - Turn Drill #2

Using the club to help boost flexibly, this drill can be performed on the range as well as the course to help with angles and the “commitment to the strike”.

Module 13 - Marking System

Training the thought process into a template and marking system.  My unique way of bringing feel into your practice along with discipline and routine.  A sure way of having a constructive and repeating practice every time you do so.

Module 14 - Recalibrating

Your striking is great!  Your swing feels spot on!  But why are my shots consistently off line?  The simple “recalibration” process is how I help my professionals get back on target.  It will help you too.

Module 15 - A Routine With Checkpoints

The bullet proof never forgotten routine that covers your swing fundamentals. Everyone is different, yours is your blueprint to consistently

Module 16 - How To Video Your Swing

Sounds simple but many still get it wrong.  Camera positions and height to get the perfect views for analysis.

Module 17- Emotionless Golf

How you get the mindset required perform your best on the golf course.  A simple process to help deal with shot pressures and scoring low emotions.

Module 18 - Do's And Dont's Plumb Bob Drill

Your body will try to fight the discomfort!  Learn to love it, key points  of note to remember when performing this Drill.

Module 19 - Do's And Dont's Turn Drill

It’s the most simple of drills however, very easy to become complacent with it.  Be very strict with yourself and perform it slowly and perfectly each time.  Here are the key things to remember.

Blueprint Golf Swing



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"The drills are exceptional and every time I see a reflective surface I can’t help but perform one or two!  I’ve never been so confident standing over the first tee shot"

Wilson Brown

Frequently Asked Questions

You can’t see me so how do you know what I need to think of to get better?

The set up parameters along with the turning drills will give you a consistent base to build on that every good golfer will have.  These will also help you understand your individual boundaries and areas that will need development as you personalise your template in the development of your own Blueprint swing.  After joining you will then be able to contact me personally and upload your swing for me to view and reply with personal drills specifically designed for YOU.

I love the idea of playing golf but don’t get time to go to the range.  I barely get to play once a week!

This whole series has been designed for the golfer like you.  I really believe that you don’t need to find time to hit lots of balls in order to become very good at this game.  I have developed drills for home and the office.

 I’m quite old and feel stuck in my ways.

My instruction methods and mindset developments, will allow you to better understand the concept of golfing positions and angles so without the feeling of making changes to your own swing, you will be as well as creating more flexibility and power

Can I talk to you? Is it possible for you to see my swing?

Absolutely!  After the initial purchase of the course modules, for a small monthly fee have the opportunity to contact me personally along with uploading your swing feature.

I’ve had injuries that now effect how I swing.  I’m also not very flexible, will I still be able to benefit from your instruction?

Of course!  My coaching style is such that anyone will benefit.  I will have you utilise your physical abilities along with the mental side to the very best of your natural ability.  Evening catering for older age and past injuries.

I’ve had many golf lessons in the past, and quite honestly I’m a little jaded.  I’ve spent quite a bit of money over the years and not really got any better.  What makes you stand out from the other instructors?

I focus on everyone as an individual and more on the feelings that describe good swing positions.  I related to the visual that is video and mirror work as this is very important, but I will always have you understand the feelings of how you develop your consistent swing “shape” and not a ”cookie cutter” complicated positional one that is often extremely confusing.  I focus on finding and fixing the very route cause of issues so you will never have a complicated mindset of unnecessary swing thoughts.  It will always flow.

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